1. The ArchSoft Worldpac Web Partner Software Solution is a month-to-month subscription service that allows you to utilize the Worldpac Web Partner Catalog to sell and drop-ship products to your customers via private label packaging.

2. ArchSoft provides this service on a subscription basis.  ArchSoft does not grant any ownership rights to the ArchSoft Worldpac Web Partner Solution Software or any files that are generated with the ArchSoft Worldpac Web Partner Solution.

3. Upon termination of any contract or agreement, ArchSoft can provide a comma delimited file, on a CD-Rom, with all of your customer data, sales data, and customer history for a fee of $95.00 (the ability to down load this data is provided free of charge to you while you are a current customer.  The link to download this data is located in your administration area)

3. ArchSoft provides web based email service with the ArchSoftware Worldpac Software Solution.  You may not use this service to spam potential customers.

4. Additional Terms & Conditions apply and area outlined on our service agreement.  To view this service agreement, click here.

5. Review the FAQ section of the web site for answers to additional questions.


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