Getting setup with the ArchSoft Worldpac Web Partner Software Solution is simple.

You provide ArchSoft with a web page, your Worldpac Web Partner Account information, and your merchant account information. 

ArchSoft then uses your web page, integrates the ArchSoft Worldpac Web Partner Solution into that web page, installs it on the ArchSoft Worldpac web servers.  This single web page will surround the entire ArchSoft Worldpac Web Partner Software (i.e. one web page becomes many...)

ArchSoft then tests the application to ensure proper functionality which includes placing an order for actual parts through the Worldpac Catalog.

Once testing is complete, ArchSoft calls you, and walks you through all of the administration area functionality (example: setting up Pricing Tiers), as well as all of the functionality of the web site.

ArchSoft then provides you with FTP server access so your web master can upload the remainder of the web pages (example: Contact Us, Policies, Returns, etc...).

ArchSoft is available to help your web master get "up to speed" on any issues he/she might have with respect to the deployment or integration of our software.

The total setup time required by ArchSoft for the Worldpac Web Partner Solution is 4 business days.

Your complete Worldpac Web Partner web site is hosted on the ArchSoft web servers. 

You do not need additional web hosting or additional web space.  Both POP3 and SMTP email servers are provided as well as a web based email interface.


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